Final Battle/The Lost Princess Found (Magixa1989 Version) (2023)

(Once back at the castle, Serena's group armed themselves, hurried inside, and then hid themselves)

Christopher: (Whispering) So, how do we get Maleficent out?

Jessie: (Whispering) Good question, Christopher.

(They thought it over, and then Pinocchio suggested an idea)

Pinocchio: (Whispering) I say we make a ruckus. We’ll let any of these guards catch us and we’ll make noise while we fight.

Bushroot: (Whispering) But how do we get the guards to catch us?

(They suddenly noticed Diablo flying above, and Pinocchio got it)

Pinocchio: (Whispering) We’ll get Diablo to warn them.

Jiminy: (Whispering in agreement) Just like a sentry!

(Coming out of hiding, the group whistled loudly to Diablo, getting his attention)

Meowth: Down here!

(Diablo noticed and then flew off, squawking for the guards)

Megavolt: Now we got them!

(They prepare themselves. Then Diablo flew down, leading the Inca Guards, the goons, Wolfos, Aquatic Goblins, Flying Monkey Pokemon, and Winged Goblins to the group. But thankfully, unlike last time with the Winged Goblins and Flying Monkey Pokemon, they kicked their butts along with the other enemies. Once the goons and monsters are defeated and Flying Monkey Pokemon and Inca Guards are knocked out, the group ran out into the courtyard and started to make loud noise, hoping to attract Maleficent’s attention. Diablo flew off squawking constantly for her towards her chamber. This agitated Popple)

Popple: PIPE DOWN!!!!

(Quackerjack flips both Meowth and Popple at Diablo and upon reaching him, the two grabbed Diablo savagely and with Meowth's scratching ability, landed on the ground. Then Quackerjack roughly grabbed Diablo and prepared to attack the raven after pulling his Mr. Banana Brain doll out)

Quackerjack: (To Mr. Banana Brain) How do you want to beat up this bird?(In high-pitched voice)I say we fling him in the air, scare!(In normal voice)Good idea!

(Then he smirked playfully at Diablo, who got nervous and squawked nervously)

Quackerjack: It's playtime!

(Quackerjack then flung Diablo hard with the help of his jack-in-the-box. Then Quackerjack pulled a jumping rope out)

Quackerjack: Playtime's over!

(Quackerjack throws the jumping rope at Diablo, tying him up. Then as Diablo fell due to being tied up, Elise quickly petrified him, except the jumping rope which then untied by magic, turning Diablo into stone and upon crashing onto the ground, he shattered into pieces, dead)

Liquidator: Now that’s killing a bird with one stone.

James: You said it.

(Then Maleficent came out of her chambers)

Maleficent: Silence! What is going on?!

(She suddenly noticed Serena’s group noticing her and the group ran to lure her out of the castle by calling out to her)

Serena: Come and get us!

Popple: Unless if you’re too chicken!

Lillipup, Pikachu, and Eevee: Scaredy-pants!

(Popple clucks a bit. Angered, Maleficent flew down on her wand to the courtyard and suddenly saw to her horror, Diablo’s broken petrified dead body. Then she got furious and zipped out of the castle and into the Haunted Forest and landed in front of Serena’s group surrounded by green and purple flames, as they prepared to fight)

Maleficent: Now shall you deal with me, O pretties! And all the powers of Hell!

(She then exploded into flames and emerged as a giant black dragon with matching horns, burning yellow eyes, a yellow mouth and lizard-like tongue from inside, and a purple underbelly. Serena’s group looked on in shock)

Tiger: Th-Th-That’s a big dragon!

(But then he got determined)

Tiger: But dragon or not, we’ll get her!

Serena’s group: Right!

Elise: Serena, get on! I’ll give you a spell when you throw the sword!

(Serena nods and charged ahead riding with Elise on her broomstick, her Elemental Sword ready, when Maleficent blasted fire at them, but thanks to Elise’s barrier, they were knocked back by the flames without getting burned. They got determined and charged again, but Maleficent blasted another fire blast at them, this time, knocking them off Elise’s broomstick and causing it to burn. Maleficent then snapped her jaws at the two girls, but they bravely dodged. Just when Maleficent lunged her head at them to try to bite them again, Elise temporary stunned her with a force hold and Serena swung the Elemental Sword onto Maleficent’s beak and kicked her, making her give a savage beastly growl. The dragon-turned evil witch then snapped her jaws at them again, but Serena and Elise dodged again. Then in a fury, Maleficent fired another fire blast at them, but they and the group dodged. Seeing a clifftop, Elise called out to Serena as she and the group climbed up there)

Elise: Serena, this way!

(Serena joined them and backed Maleficent off temporally with her kicks until she reached the top with her friends. Maleficent then flew up there and began to crawl towards Serena and Elise towards the edge. Maleficent swiped at them, but Elise blocked the attack and knocked her down, stunning her and exposing her chest, where her heart is located. Seeing the chance, Serena and Elise nods)

Serena: Water!

(The Elemental Sword turned to the water side and Elise then shouted the incantation)

Elise: Oh, Elemental Sword, fly swift and sure! Let evil die and good endure!

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(The Elemental Sword glowed and Serena threw it blade point at Maleficent’s heart just as the dragon-formed evil witch recovered and got up, and thankfully, the blade struck her heart. As Maleficent screeched in pain, some blood spilled from her chest where she was stabbed and made one last lunge at Serena’s group, But they ran out of the way and the clifftop collapsed, taking Maleficent with as she melted into black slime and disappeared into the flames which then died down. Recovering, the group looked down and saw the puddled remains of Maleficent with the Elemental Sword’s blade sticking in the ground and her wand laying beside the puddle. Serena's group sighed in relief and went to the puddle. Serena then grabbed the Elemental Sword back, cleaned it on some bushes, and sheathed it. Elsewhere, Sugar Plum finally woke up slowly and noticed Serena’s group standing over Maleficent’s remains. She growls in anger upon seeing her partner dead and spreads her wings. Serena's group was about to pick up the wand when they heard Sugar Plum screaming as she charged at them. Before they reacted, Sugar Plum snatched Elise and flew her back up to the tower, despite Elise trying to fight back. Serena’s group saw the wand and then the tower and then Ash grabbed the wand and they hurried to the tower. Once at the town, Serena's group was climbed on the tower wall. Upon entering the window, they looked around cautiously)

Serena: (Whispering) Elise?

(Suddenly, they see Elise, bound and gagged, trying to warn them about something. Before they reacted, Sugar Plum lunged out and stabbed Christopher in his stomach)

Serena’s group: Christopher!

(He collapsed on the floor, clutching his wound. Serena, Ash, and Kaya kneeled down quickly to check on him)

Sugar Plum: (Sarcastically) Now, look what you did.

Pikachu: (Angrily to Sugar Plum)Youdid this, you coward!

Lillipup and Eevee: (Angrily agreeing) Yeah!

Sugar Plum: (Pretending to be shocked) A coward, am I?

(She got serious with an evil smirk)

Sugar Plum: Oh, don’t worry. You can stay here and tie up loose ends by watching them die!

(She threw enchanted ropes at the group and before they reacted, everyone, except Serena, Ash, Kaya, Lillipup, Pikachu, and Eevee, were bound by them. Then the ropes that tried to tie up Serena, Ash, Kaya, Lillipup, Pikachu, and Eevee suddenly dropped onto the floor, much to Sugar Plum’s shock)

Sugar Plum: Impossible!

(She hurried over to Elise and grabbed her, but Serena, Ash, Kaya, Lillipup, Pikachu, and Eevee charged and lunged at her, with Serena fighting with Sugar Plum over the knife)

Sugar Plum: Get off! Stop fighting me!

Serena: Never!

(But Serena snatched the knife back, cuts Elise free, and points the blade at Sugar Plum, much to her horror, as Elise removed her gag)

Elise: How dare you do that to Christopher and our friends?!

Ash: Release them!

Kaya: And heal Christopher!

Sugar Plum:J'aime!

Eevee: (Flatly) So, that means "Never."

Serena: Wrong answer!

(Serena goes to stab Sugar Plum when the evil sweets fairy witch knocked the knife aside, only for it to fall out the window. They looked on in shock and then Sugar Plum smirked evilly)

Sugar Plum: (Sneeringly) Now what? Are you going to continue playing the hero role?

Serena: I have the Elemental Sword!

(She pulls it out and aims it at Sugar Plum, much to her horror)

Sugar Plum: (Terrified) Wh-What are you gonna do, kill me?!

Serena: (Angrily) Why should we spare you?

(Elise goes over to Christopher to heal him, but a barrier over the covered stab wound blocked her hands and amulet)

Elise: What did you do?!

(Sugar Plum smirked evilly then)

Sugar Plum: In case you did get rescued, I blocked the wounds and only I can remove it.

Lillipup: Then remove it!

Pikachu and Eevee: Right now!

(Serena points the Elemental Sword at Sugar Plum, who now got nervous)

Elise: Let me heal him!

Sugar Plum:Non! It's not my problem!

(Serena, Ash, Kaya, and their Pokemon backed away slowly to Elise with Serena still pointing the Elemental Sword at Sugar Plum. Then turned to each other and secretly using her telepathy, Elise came up with a plan, but it wasn’t heard. Then Serena puts the Elemental Sword down and sheathes it, much to her group’s confusion)

Pinocchio: What are you doing?

Meowth: Why'd you...?

Elise: You left us no choice.

Sugar Plum: (Suspiciously) And what’s that?

Elise: Me, Serena, Ash, Kaya, and their Pokemon will go quietly with you.

(Serena, Ash, Kaya, Lillipup, Pikachu, and Eevee nods. Sugar Plum smirked evilly again)

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Sugar Plum: Now you’re seeing reason.

Elise: However, we’ll go on one condition.

(Sugar Plum stopped smirking evilly and realized she wants to heal Christopher)

Sugar Plum: So, if I let you heal them, you’ll come with me where you’ll never be found?

Serena, Ash, Kaya, Lillipup, Pikachu, Eevee, and Elise: Yes.

(Sugar Plum glared darkly and then she grunts angrily. As soon as she got up, she removed the barrier from Christopher’s covered wound and then used the enchanted rope to tie him to a column in a seating position, much to his painful discomfort and to the concern of Serena's group)

Sugar Plum: So, you won’t follow us!

(She turned to Serena, Ash, Kaya, Lillipup, Pikachu, Eevee, and Elise in anger)

Sugar Plum: Hurry up and heal them so we can get out of here!

(She steps back. Serena, Ash, Kaya, Lillipup, Pikachu, Eevee, and Elise kneeled beside Christopher)

Christopher: (Weakly) What were you thinking, guys?

James: You'll die if you do this.

(Elise goes to lean in as if to kiss Christopher on the cheek when Sugar Plum spoke up)

Sugar Plum: What are you doing?

Elise: Giving him a kiss.

(Sugar Plum sighed in annoyance)

Sugar Plum: Fine! Kiss him, heal him, and then let’s get out of here!

(Then Elise leaned in and appeared to give him a hidden kiss on the cheek for a long time. Christopher reacted calmly and smiled)

Christopher: (Weakly) Okay.

(Elise leaned back. Then she took her amulet and held it over Christopher’s body. Then Serena, Ash, Kaya, Pikachu, and Christopher held the amulet with her together, much to Serena's group and Sugar Plum’s silent confusion. Then, much to everyone’s shock, Serena, Ash, Kaya, Pikachu, Christopher, and even Elise then threw the amulet hard to the floor and it hit the floor next to Christopher, shattering into pieces, for it turned out that was their plan, and the "Kiss" Elise gave Christopher was actually her whispering to him the plan. Sugar Plum got horrified)

Sugar Plum: NO!!!!

(Then, suddenly, the enchanted ropes tying Serena's group and Christopher up magically untied, freeing them. As Serena's group got out of the ropes in concern and confusion, Sugar Plum ran up to the broken amulet and held the pieces and saw to her horror, her body aging into an old woman, starting with her hands)

Sugar Plum: What have you done?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!!!!

(Then she dropped the amulet pieces and started to panic as she stumbled towards the window. Serena and Elise quickly pushed her out the window and she fell to the ground. As she lay weakened, Sugar Plum then saw a green light heading her way from the sky and screamed. As the group watched from the window, with Jessie holding Christopher in her arms, the green light struck Sugar Plum and she lets out one last blood-curdling scream as her clothes covered her body, which then melted her skin off into green slime. Then the clothes disintegrated to reveal her skeletal corpse and then after it shook a bit, the corpse crumbled itself to dust and blew away by the wind. Serena's group looked on in shock and surprise)

Kaya: What a way to die.

James: In a gross way.

(Christopher coughed, getting Serena's group’s attention. After Jessie laid him back by the same column again, Elise went up to him as Serena's group stood back)

Elise: Hang on, Christopher!

(Then she started singing her healing incantation a little quickly as she placed her hands over Christopher’s wound)

Elise: (A little quickly)Flower, gleam and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine

(She stopped singing upon seeing her hands not glowing)

Elise: Why isn’t it working?! I just have to have the power in me! It just has to be!

Christopher: (Weakly) Elise….

Elise: No, I have to keep trying! Just hang in there!

Christopher: (Weakly) Elise!

(Elise quiets down finally as Serena's group looked on in sadness and concern. Christopher then weakly placed his hand onto Elise’s cheek as she held it gently)

Christopher: (Weakly) It’s all right…. You were my most important dream ever…. And I thank you….

(Elise started to tear up)

Elise: (Tearfully) I know! But…!

(Christopher suddenly closed his eyes slowly and exhaled softly as he went limp)

Elise: Christopher!

(Then his hand fell to the floor, limp. Realizing he’s dead, Serena's group got despaired as Elise tearfully begged)

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Elise: (Crying) No, no! Please! Don’t leave us! Don’t leave me!

(She laid her head against Christopher’s chest above his stab wound, covered by his other hand, and cried)

Elise: (Crying) I love you….

(Serena's group teared up, started crying softly and silently, and hung their heads in sadness. Although Fender didn’t shed tears or cry because he knew his tears would rust him solid, he just hung his head in sadness. Then Elise started singing her healing incantation in tears)

Elise: (Crying)Heal what has been hurt

Change the Fates’ design

Save what has been lost

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine

(She cries again as two teardrops plipped onto Christopher’s hand over the stab wound and then streamed down the hand onto the stab wound. All was silent, except for Elise’s sobbing, then suddenly, a gold light emerged from Christopher’s stab wound, getting everyone’s attention and snapping them out of their grieving. Elise was the last to noticed and then watched along with Serena's group as the gold light twirled into the form of a golden sun-like flower and then entered Christopher’s stab wound, healing it. Christopher gasped softly with his eyes still closed, making Elise and Serena's group notice hopefully. Then Christopher slowly opened his eyes and smiled)

Christopher: (Groggily) Hey, guys…. I guess…. My time’s not up, huh?

(Serena's group got happy)

Elise: Christopher!

(She and Christopher hug happily. Then Serena's group joined in and hugged as well. Later, upon arriving down from the tower on the elevator while Elise flew out last on another broomstick, they noticed to their surprise the Inca Guards, including the one Inca Guard Serena's group knocked out and dizzily kissed Megavolt in the lips, the Flying Monkey Pokemon, and Aipom standing there, waiting for them, but instead of angry looks, they were calmly surprised, making the group confused)

Lead Inca Guard: Maleficent and Sugar Plum are dead. You killed them.

Popple and Meowth: Well, duh!

Serena: We had to do it.

(Suddenly, to Serena's group’s surprise, the Inca Guards, Flying Monkey Pokemon, and even Aipom got happy)

Lead Inca Guard: Hail to Serena, Ash, Kaya, and their Pokemon! The Wicked Witches are dead!

(The group then got happy)

Inca Guards: Hail to Serena, Ash, Kaya, and their Pokemon! The Wicked Witches are dead!

Lead Inca Guard: How can we ever repay you?

(Realizing, Serena named them)

Serena: Two things. We wish to take Maleficent’s wand and we need the stolen DNA matcher back please.

Lead Inca Guard: Okay. And the DNA matcher is in Sugar Plum’s closet in the tower.

(Later, the lead Inca Guard, having revealed Sugar Plum’s closet, took the DNA matcher out, which was a thick green baton. He then hands it to Elise)

Elise: Thank you.

(The lead Inca Guard nods a “You’re welcome.” Serena and Elise turned to Serena's group in happiness)

Serena: Now, we can go back to Emerald City…!

Elise: Reveal I’m the princess…!

Serena and Elise: Tell the Wizard, and get our dreams!

(Everyone cheered. Later at Emerald City, Luna and Richard were seated on their thrones when Rabbit comes in with a happy look, much to their confusion)

Luna and Richard: What is it, Rabbit?

Rabbit: Serena’s group did it!

(Luna and Richard got surprised calmly. Later, they arrived in the courtyard and found Serena’s group standing there, with Aipom, the citizens, and even the Inca Guards and Flying Monkey Pokemon standing far back. Luna and Richard went up to Elise, who is holding the DNA matcher)

Luna: Rabbit informed us that you won.

Richard: And that you claim to be our daughter.

(Elise nods. She holds out the DNA matcher to them)

Elise: Let’s prove it to everyone.

(Richard gently accepted the DNA matcher and held it between Elise and Luna. Then Elise and Luna reached their hands out and used their magic to activate the DNA matcher, then the light glowed blue, much to Luna and Richard’s calm surprise and then calm happiness. Then they removed their hands and Richard puts the DNA matcher down on a nearby table. The three then looked at each other calmly and happily. Then Richard and Luna made their announcement)

Richard: It is her!

Luna: She's home!

(The crowd cheered. Elise, Luna, and Richard then shed tears of happiness and hugged each other, for they are one family again, reunited at last after sixteen long years. As Serena's group watched with calm passionate smiles, Popple and Meowth got teary-eyed, touched by this reunion that they wiped their own tear away with a sniffle. Serena's group and the still hugging Elise noticed and playfully smiled)

Elise: I saw you, Popple and Meowth.

Lillipup: Are you crying for real?

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(Popple and Meowth reacted calmly and tried to make an excuse)

Popple: Oh, boo, we weren’t…!

Meowth: Our eyes watered from being itchy and….

(They sighed in defeat)

Popple: (Flatly) Okay, I guess we're not that tough completely, see?

Meowth: We do have soft sides.

(Then, Luna and Richard reached out to the group to join in the hug. They shrug and join in as well. Later, Serena's group were walking up to the gates leading to the Wizard’s chamber as everyone sang in rejoice)

Lead Inca Guard:Hail, hail, the Witch is dead

Which old witch?

The Wicked Witch

Hail, hail, the Wicked Witch is dead

Hail, hail, the Witch is dead

Which old witch?

The Wicked Witch

Cast:Hail, hail, the Wicked Witch is dead

She’s gone where the goblins go below

Below, below, yo-ho

Let’s open up and sing

And ring the bells out

Ding-dong the merry-o

Sing it high

Sing it low

Let them know

The Wicked Witch is dead

Ding-dong the Witch is dead

Which old witch?

The Wicked Witch

Hail, hail, the Wicked Witch is dead

Ha ha ha

Ho ho ho

And a couple of tra-la-las

Ha ha ha

Ho ho ho

In the merry old land of Oz

She’s gone where the goblins go below

Below, below, yo-ho

Let’s open up and sing

And ring the bells out

You’re off to see the Wizard

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Let him know the Wicked Witch is dead

Hail, the wicked old witch is dead

(Then with that, Serena's group went through the open gates and entered the hallway to the Wizard’s chamber)

Coming up: Serena’s group make a surprising discovery on who the real Wizard of Oz is while encountering him. Afterwards, will he give everyone, except Elise, whose dream already came true, their dreams?


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